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A place to keep in touch

Join the Alumni Facebook group HERE to keep up to date!

In April last year we were able to host the 1971/72 team for there 50th year reunion. The weekend composed of some gentle team racing as well as talking through memories of the 'good old days'. The success of this weekend, going forward, we hope to run an annual 'alumni day', so that NUSYC sailors past and present can come together and share there experiences of the club. 

This year we are hosting a Varsity event in which we will go head-to-head against our sporting rivals at Durham University. The event will happen on the 10th/11th June 2023 at Derwent Reservoir Sailing club with the plans of a BBQ and camping on the Saturday. To get the most up to date information for this event, follow the Alumni Facebook group (link shown above). This will be a great time for member past and present to come together to support the current NUSYC team as we battle it out against DUSC. You don't want to miss out!

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