Your Committee

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The Committee is a group of people, elected by the club at the annual general meeting each year, dedicated to making sailing fun and accessible.


Kieran Graham - 4th year Naval Architecture


Harry Palmer - 3rd year Naval Architecture 


Grace Summers - 3rd year Accounting and Finance

Welfare Officer

Georgie McKenzie - 3rd year Psychology

Race Captain

Josh Dawson - 4th year Naval Architecture 

Team Captain 

Alistair Scott - 3rd year Mechanical Engineering

Yachting Captain

Patrick Cope - 2nd year Geography

Social Sailing Captains

Alistair Milne - 2nd year Marine Technology 

Harry Mangnall - 2nd year Marine Technology 

Social Secretaries

Faye Caswell - 2nd year Geography 

Laura Graham - 2nd year Marketing and Management

Sustainability Officer

Harry Blythe -  2nd year Marine Technology 


Simon Gadsby - 3rd year Electrical Engineering