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For the competitive among us

Our club has a strong history of Team Racing and with a flight of well-maintained Fireflies we are able to remain one of the top Universities in the country.

We have 3 racing teams; each team has 6 members and is made up of 3 boats. All of our teams attend team racing events held at other universities on weekends throughout the year and host our event, ‘The angel of the north, ’ joint with Durham in November. These weekends are always great fun, with good competitive sailing and even better socials in the evenings.

All of our teams also compete at BUCS team racing events. We all go to qualifiers in January and hopefully progress onto playoffs or finals, where they will compete against the top teams from universities across the country.

The teams will be selected after team trials which will be held in September. In addition to our 3 teams, we will also have a group of reserves who will be able to get involved with training and attend some events.

We have a fleet of 6 Fireflys at Derwent reservoir, which we use for training. Team members train on Wednesday Afternoons and Saturdays at Derwent and attend a theory session on campus every Tuesday evening.

For more team information, please email the Team Captain - Dotty Rocket

Events all year round

Video debriefs and technical analysis

3 competitive teams, with reserves

Theory meetings to discuss rules and tactics

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