Joining Information

Want to join the club? Here's how

Freshers week is a busy time for freshers and the club. After signing up at freshers fair which is held in the sports centre, prospective members are invited to a BBQ on the beach and welcome drinks the following Wednesday to socialize with other new members whilst meeting the existing club members.

To get the most up to date information, find our members Facebook group: HERE

To Join the club, a membership fee can be paid on the Student Union Website

If you would like to trial for the competitive sailing team, you will be required to attend Team trials which will be held in October. For more team information please contact the Team Captain - Alistair Scott.

Dates for your diary:
Freshers Week: 28th September - 4th October 
Freshers Fair: 28th/29th Freshers Fayre (Students Union 10:00 - 16:00) 

Give it a go day: 3rd October (Meet outside the Students Union)
Freshers BBQ: 4th October (Meet outside the Students Union)
Information Evening and Swim Tests: 5th/6th October (Meet at Students Union)

Pirate Social: 8th October (Meet at Luthers Bar in the SU)


We advise prospective members to join both our Facebook pages (Public page and Members page) and sign up for the club emails below in order to stay up to date with club events.

For additional information please contact the Commodore or our Social Secretaries

Commodore - Kieran Graham
Social Secretaries - Faye Caswell, Laura Graham